Why Is Taekwondo Training So Beneficial?

Rob Jackson

Why Is Taekwondo Training So Beneficial?

Over the past several decades, people have become fascinated with martial arts. In fact there have been dozens of movies made where Taekwondo played a significant part, there are schools offering classes in a wide range of fighting techniques and it has been a part of the Summer Olympics in 1988. And, as anyone who has studied a martial art can tell you, there are many benefits in getting involved with this great activity.

Perhaps the most complete and well-known of the martial arts forms is Taekwondo. In fact, there are more than 20,000,000 students and instructors participating in Taekwondo worldwide. But, aside from the obvious physical benefits (not that this aspect is unimportant!) what other benefits are there to being involved in Taekwondo training?

Picture of two females in Taekwondo Competition

Read on to see 5 great reasons why Taekwondo is a great choice for people of nearly every age.

1. Self-esteem is raised. It is an amazing feeling to go from barely knowing how to put on the dobok (the actual uniform) to being able to perform skills such as Poomsae (patterns), board breaking, kicking, blocking, striking and punching. But in correct taekwondo teaching, as each of these actions are taught students (especially kids) are constantly reinforced with the fact that Taekwondo is not about fighting but the discipline and skill development.

2. Building an increased level of awareness through the development of better balance, more coordination, increased flexibility, and laser sharp mental focus.

Picture of children doing taekwondo training in a park

3. Improved Results at school, university and workplace. The disciplined exercise and mental focus in Taekwondo training has been shown to actually improve grade point averages and performance reviews.

Taekwondo student in lecture at University

4. Taekwondo not only strengthens the body but improves health by using isometric and dynamic exercises developing better muscle tone and more strength. It works through using a gradual process that focuses on building flexibility and correct breathing, the end result being better toned muscles and sharper reflexes and senses.

5. The family unit is strengthened, not just physically, but by developing a common value bond and building greater respect for each other as people. The skills gained from Taekwondo develop patience, confidence, self-discipline, inner calm, and a positive mental attitude; it also results in helping people overcome self-doubt, anger, jealousy, laziness and bad habits.

Taekwondo is a great benefit to anyone involved. At any age, and despite your perceived unsuitability to exercise, your weight or any other factors that you think may be prohibitive, consider signing up for a Taekwondo class near your home. Taekwondo instructors are very highly trained and will manage your output to suit your current state of fitness, gradually building it at a safe level for your continued development. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results!